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Q3 2023 Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter

To our valued customers,

Thank you for your continued partnership with Midwest Warehousing. As summer comes to a close, we hope that Q3 has been a grand slam for everyone!

Team Building

On Sunday, August 27th Midwest Warehousing attended the Detroit Tigers vs the Houston Astros baseball game.

At the game we witnessed Astro’s pitcher, Justin Verlander, win his 100th career game at Comerica Park.

During the second-inning when Detroit Tiger’s Miguel Cabrera was at-bat, the former teammates tipped their hats to each other.

Even though Astros defeated the Tigers 17-4, we had a blast celebrating end-of-summer, the Detroit Tigers, and our growing team!


Our New Staff

Midwest Warehousing would like to extend a warm welcome to Nick Smith!

Director of Sales & Business Development

Nick joined us in August and brings several years of marketing and sales experience.

His passion in life is football and coaching. In college, Nick played as a wide receiver and continues to inspire young athletes in middle school, high school, and nonprofit organizations.

When Nick is not on the field, he is out on the boat with his family enjoying the lake.

Maintaince Supervisor

Midwest Warehousing would like to also extend a warm welcome to Jorge. He joined our team in August as our Maintance Supervisor!

Jorge enjoys the diversity Maintenace brings to each day.

Outside of work, Jorge loves spending quality time with his family. He is a huge Lion's fan and is entertained by all live music!

We are excited to have Jorge a part of our team!

Supporting our community

Make-A-Wish Golf charity event

Midwest Warehousing proudly participated in a golf outing and donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

It is important to us to be a part of our community and contribute back!

2023 Great Lakes CSCMP Golf Outing

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) held their 2023 Great Lakes Golf Outing. Our Accounts Payable Representative, Kelsey Harrison, and her fiancé represented Midwest Warehousing in the golf outing this year.

All proceeds from the event goes towards creating scholarships.



We are thrilled to introduce our employee spotlight, Kurt.

Kurt has been a warehouse associate for Midwest Warehousing for over 7 years.

We appreciate Kurt's continuous loyalty and hard work! He is an exceptionally valued employee here at Midwest Warehousing!

" Kurt is a great worker and very reliable. He has been consistent in his workflow, organization, and dedication to customers over the years. He has managed the largest automotive accounts in our warehouse, and we rely on him to move difficult items that require our special equipment. Kurt has over two decades of hilo and lift truck experience, which is a huge asset to our company."

    -Tim & Luca
    Warehouse Managers

Busy Season approaching?

we can help

Utilizing warehousing partners can offer several benefits to businesses which can help you manage increased demand, streamline operations, and maintain customer satisfaction. Here are some advantages of using warehousing and storage partners during your busy periods:

1. Scalability: Flexible storage options allow businesses to scale up or down based on demand, which is particularly valuable during peak seasons when inventory levels can fluctuate significantly.

2. Cost Savings: Avoid fixed costs and instead pay for the space needed during busy periods.

3. Focus on Core Competencies: In a study by Armstrong & Associates, “outsourcing warehousing and distribution enables businesses to focus on core competencies, leading to increased operational efficiency and growth opportunities”.

4. Quick Response Time: Warehousing partners are equipped to handle receiving, storing, and shipping goods efficiently. A recent report by Deloitte (Supply Chain Talent of the Future) emphasized that “warehousing partners' expertise can lead to streamlined order processing, faster response times to customer demands and improvement in overall customer satisfaction”.

5. Reduced Risk and Liability: The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) notes that “partnering with established warehousing providers can enhance inventory visibility and control, reducing the risk of stockouts and improving regulatory compliance”.

If you’re feeling the strain of a ramp in production, dealing with increased demand, trying to scale up operations, or just need a reliable storage partner to get you through a busy period, be sure to consult with us at Midwest Warehousing.