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Q1 2024 Newsletter

Top News

Our newsletter is now showcased on our website! Keep up to date with the latest happenings at Midwest Warehousing.

Midwest Warehousing celebrated Botrick , Tim, and Luca’s birthday this quarter. Check out their birthday shout outs on our Facebook and LinkedIn page!

Our Company's Growth & Success in Q1 2024

Entering the new year, we are excited to share that our company has seen substantial growth and achievements in the initial quarter of 2024.

Through the effective implementation of new strategies and projects, our committed team has contributed to an increase in revenue.

Newsletter Highlight

The Midwest Warehousing Administrative office has recently been enhanced with new features, such as our property and business timeline, aerial photo of our 34-acre property, and a gratitude wall dedicated to past and present clients.

Inside the Issues

We've further improved our brand by introducing an apparel wall at the entrance of our administrative office.

Giving Back to Our Community

Midwest Warehousing is dedicated to contributing to the community. Recently, we sponsored and participated in an event for a local elementary school. We strive to motivate our employees to engage and create an impact.

Full-Scale Services

We are a comprehensive solution dedicated to catering to your unique warehousing requirements. Our services encompass packaging, value-added servicing, climate control, quality inspection, and product fulfillment. With our advanced inventory software system, we meticulously record the arrival and departure of your goods to enhance efficiency and accuracy, offering real-time tracking capabilities.

Service Options

Fulfilling Web Orders:

We provide online shipping services for e-commerce, including direct-to-consumer fulfillment and order processing for a variety of products like clothing, beauty items, food and beverage, furnishings, and more.

  • Cost per Order Pricing
  • Fulfillment Orders in by 2PM out by 5pm (conditions may apply)
  • Link Your Shopping Cart or 3rd Party Service to our Fulfillment Software
  • Submit Fulfillment Orders via API or Manual Entry
  • 24/7 Real-Time Access

Our Technology

Midwest Warehousing uses customized software for efficient inventory and order management with a locator system. Clients receive access to portals, management reports, and email notifications.

Quality Control Inspecting your Items

Our team inspects items in a climate-controlled room, checking for defects and ensuring quality through visual inspections, tests, reworks, and organization. This process helps identify and address any issues before shipping products.

  • Condition Assessment and Testing
  • Product Verification
  • Consolidating and Repacking
  • Recall Programs and Processing

Service Options


service enhances supply chain efficiency by customizing packaging to client specifications, including packing methods, presentation, labeling, and separating bulk products into specified quantity packages.

  • Retail and Automotive Pallets
  • Plastic Returnables
  • Gaylords
  • Molds, drums, tubes, etc.
  • Reels
  • Returns Management
  • Module Building
  • Consolidating

Distribution Your Items’ Shipping

Our transportation specialists help plan the best shipping route for your needs at a competitive price. Items are prepared and shipped via your chosen method such as road transport, rail services, ocean shipping, or air transport worldwide.